Want More From Your Social Media?

Social media has a HUGE part to play in the
online presence of any business.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with a worldwide audience meaning it’s vital to have a structured social media plan in place to maximise your business’s potential. 

So, whether you are completely new to social media or been around a few years and need a little boost, we can help!

Taming social media and making it work effectively for a business is an increasingly time consuming and specialist job.

Are you struggling with the demands of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram? Why not let 4FX become your social media manager?

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we can help you with our Super Saver Social Media Package for the following social media outlets; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.



Case Study – MRN


It’s estimated over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day, and for businesses it can be one of the most cost effective ways of engaging and captivating the required audience. Whether it’s to inform current clients of a new product launch or to pitch services to new potential customers, email marketing can be beneficial to any business.

We’ve been working with Medical Research Network (MRN) for over 6 years now covering a wide range of services including website design and build, a fantastic array of design items for both web and print, search engine optimisation and bi weekly email marketing.

The MRN specialises in the conduct of clinical trial visits in the patient’s home and supporting clinical trial sites with nursing resources – so not quite your average product based email! As the majority of campaigns we send carry quite a serious tone and are particularly niche subjects, including ‘How Clinical Trials Affect Parents’ and ‘Home Healthcare – The evolving concept of healthcare provision’, it’s important to maintain this informative tone but also encourage potential leads.

Over time we have worked with the MRN team to create an email marketing style that is informative AND engaging for their readers.


Our specially designed email marketing packages contain creative and captivating designs, thoughtful layout and build as well as list management, spam testing, delivery and online reviewing of sent campaigns.

Our team works with you to ensure you have a completely unique and professionally designed responsive eshot that can reach as many of your contacts as possible, on mobiles, pads and PCs.

To see more of our email marketing campaigns take a look at the portfolio on our website!

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Did you see us at MKEX Technology Exhibition?

We had a fantastic day exhibiting at the MKEX Technology Exhibition which was held at MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes.

MKEX is a brilliant exhibition that showcases technology from Education to Industry and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all around the country. It was a great opportunity to meet and speak to other local and national businesses within the same industry, as well as getting our own name and services out there. We would highly recommend attending and exhibiting to any business looking to network and gain some new contacts – we’re already planning our next exhibition!


Are you attending an exhibition soon? We provide exhibition stands, podiums, flyers, brochures and lots more design items that are key for getting your business noticed.

Give us a call on 01908 375200 to find out more.

Top Tips Guide – Instagram


Most people know by now that social media networks have a massive part to play in the online presence of any business. They are a great way to promote products or services and engage an audience for free, so we have compiled a Top Tip Guide for social media to help you and your business.

This month it’s Instagram!

  • Promote with a picture! Instagram is a great way to allow users to browse through your products, it’s almost like online shopping. If you are going to post pictures of items ensure it’s clear to the user which product you are promoting at that time. Not too much clutter, plain backgrounds and good lighting are key!
  • Behind the scenes. People love a good nose, so whether it’s your products being shot for a catalogue, you’re getting ready for a product launch or simply some pictures of your office and employees hard at work – take some snaps of what’s going on.
  • How it’s made. Nowadays people love to know where their products come from, how far it’s travelled and even who it was made by. If you can, try and offer some ‘from start to finish’ pictures that will cure the curiosity of your customers.
  • Filters, filters, filters. Obviously one of the biggest features with Instagram is its filters, but don’t get too carried away! Everyone loves a good filter but remember when promoting a product, clients and customers want to see a realistic portrayal of what you’re selling. So while every now and then it’s fine to use a filter try stick to that get that good old ‘hashtag nofilter’.
  • Hashtagging! This is the best way to get your business noticed. When posting a picture be sure to add a couple of hashtags to summarise what is in the photo. This way when users search for specific things your photo will show up. Don’t get too carried away though, try limit each photo to under 5 hashtags.

New Website Launch!



We’re over the moon to announce the launch of our new website!

Designed with a fresh, funky new look and super user-friendly navigation, you’ll be able to find all the information you require about our services from engaging apps and responsive websites to brilliant brochures and effective press ads.

You may even learn a fact or two about the office!

We hope you enjoy our new site, what are you waiting for… go take a look here!

Marketing Materials All Under One Roof for Birdsall!


When it comes to marketing materials it’s key to ensure they represent your brand correctly and they reach the right audience. It’s even more important to ensure your items are designed well and your brand is kept consistent – and what better way to ensure all of the above than by having a company who can provide multiple marketing materials and services for your business, all under one roof.

One of our most recent projects highlighting the importance of this included designing a range of branded marketing materials for Birdsall, an air conditioning and cooling services company.

We used our knowledge of branding, design and marketing to design and build a mobile responsive website, design a variation of eye catching exhibition banners, create impactful illustrations and design multiple informative service brochures – whilst ensuring that all brand colours, style and visual aspects were kept consistent.

Birdsall Exhibition Banners
Birdsall Exhibition Banners and Stands

At 4fx we understand the power of branding. Whether it’s a simple advert or a targeted sales brochure, a fresh and exciting user-friendly website or a whole new brand identity, our design work always looks good AND drives your business forward.

To find out more about our design services give us a call on
01908 375 200 or drop us an email to info@4fx.co.uk.

Top Tip Guide – Business Blogs



Most people know by now that social media networks have a massive part to play in the online presence of any business. They are a great way to promote products or services and engage an audience for free, so we have compiled a Top Tip Guide for social media to help you and your business.

This month it’s Business Blogs!

    • Make sure you have varied content. This could include a mix of the following; helpful hints, links, case studies, research, statistics, how-to posts and even guest posts.
  • Don’t be too pushy with your products. Your blog should not be your main selling point but a place where readers can find posts that could actually be useful and interesting, encouraging them to come back and read more.
  • Answer questions. Take the time every now and then to answer customer questions. This is a great way to show you acknowledge your clients.
  • Keep it up to date. Posting regularly keeps your readers engaged and interested, whether it’s daily or weekly, be sure to keep it consistent.
  • Proof read! This is a simple tip but one of the most important. Get a colleague to take a glance over your draft if you’re not great at spotting your own mistakes.

“A good infographic is worth a thousand words”

But what exactly is an infographic and how can it benefit
your business?

A well designed infographic is a fantastic way to present information, statistics and even accomplishments in a visual way. Although they have been around for a number of years it’s only recently that businesses have started to use them to captivate their target audience.

What can an infographic be used for?
Different businesses use infographics for different reasons. In general they are used to build brand awareness however, they can be very
beneficial when you need to get a message out and across to your
required audience.

Businesses that are very statistic based can use an infographic to relay key statistics and metrics to their audience in a much more visual and engaging way. Other businesses choose to provide information using graphics and images within an infographic rather than text based
documents, as the majority of people process information better when it’s presented in a visual format.

What are the key features of an infographic?
It’s important to keep the following in mind within an infographic:

  • Engagement – include graphics and imagery
  • Reliability – ensure your data, sources and statistics are all accurate
  • Simplicity – clear and easy to understand
  • Good design – from colours to typography, make sure it’s visually
  • Informative – information and message is useful to readers

How can we help you?
At 4fx we love an infographic and our designers love creating them! If you’re on the look out for a new, informative and engaging way to market your business or services then get in touch with us today by dropping an email to emma@4fx.co.uk.

Top Tip Guide – Facebook


Most people know by now that social media networks have a massive part to play in the online presence of any business. They are a great way to promote products or services and engage an audience for free, so we have compiled a Top Tip Guide for social media to help you and your business.

This month it’s Facebook!

  • Post photos and images of your products or services. When scanning through multiple social media timelines our eyes are automatically drawn to interesting images so this is a great way to attract users!
  • Ask questions to engage your audience. This can either include enquiring about general opinions of your products or try posing some thoughtful questions to get your users really thinking
  • Gain feedback. Facebook is a great way to get feedback from your customers and learn how to improve your business. Just be sure to make the time to take on board what they are saying.
  • Keep your audience in the know. Posting regularly ensures users have access to your latest news and information. There’s nothing worse than trying to find out information from a business Facebook page that has latest post date of 2009.
  • Appealing cover image and profile picture. It’s best to set your logo as the profile picture and use an enticing product photo or services photo for the cover image. These are usually the first things a user will see when on your page, so be sure to make a good first impression!